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What, Cuba is the air, the people, the food, the sea, the beaches, the fruits, the music ... The first time I got off the plane in Havana, my head was spinning; was at night and out of the soft lights of the square and the old cars, they made me fall into a '50s movie, where I felt, at any moment, to meet Humphrey Bogart or Ernest Hemingwey. And people ..., always on the go, at all hours, people who grind kilometer walk to town and families, to the people who willingly offered a ride, people who tells you of the revolution, Che. See the sights discovered by Columbus, Columbus places cataloged among the most beautiful ever. At least once in life you have to go to Cuba, to seize the ALMA CUBAN. The love for Havana The first feeling coming without the heavy diving suit of the tourist, that sweetens everything and keep at a safe distance is fear. The fear of a majestic and mysterious cities where overcrowding is divided between the more static property and labored chase. The confusion of an unknown language The mistrust that leads to be afraid of people looking at you and drive you shooting with eyes and long distance already discovered your origin without getting to see your facial features, only through the ambulatory or posture. Passed this terrible first impression that almost forces you to go back in the walled gardens just dedicated to you, you do a little bit ahead, you make yourself a little daring. Personally, I prefer to discover a new city from the bottom up, from the most lowly, the less desirable places, the streets darker. And then if by magic, the black boy featured wrestler greek and face marked by machete offers you exchange the wristband of the same color by asking what the words engraved on your own, from the table of a man from the big cigar and the bored-looking gangster boss gets a shot of rum, perhaps to reward the audacity of the stranger come this far. And another just outside warns you of your pouch open and recommends you to be careful. (I was robbed myself why those who survive by stealing no nation and not look the other's nationality) And still walking another almost saves you from falling into a classic hole sidewalk ... Until you get to help an old woman who asks you a hand to cross an extremely busy road and after understanding with difficulty the request, take her hand and stopping the cars take on the other side of the road getting the sweetest kiss of the world. Finally walking finally dissolved in the human river to dribble holes on the sidewalks, to make you burn the soul carrying the looks even older women, to live the anguish and hope, dissatisfaction and subdued rebellion, boredom and happiness, heat and storms if I were you also a citizen. And you are your holy staff your orishas, ​​who offer things that you like the most, a few cigarettes a can of beer, and dusting in the morning before going out on the street. And they tell you that your grandparents lived something like this in your scales, but I can only see here, sitting in the square, behind the huge iron statue of Don Quixote and his faithful Rocinante, smoking Popular, and sometimes offering Bucanero to the unknown passer. And most of you realize that the best part of you always leave it there, on the other side of the huge sea .... All this brings forth the idea of ​​creating something that accosted the colors of the flag of Cuba ... and we are now looking for quality products to offer to our beloved customers.


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